For Jesus Club Coordinators

Dear Coordinators, thank you for your enormous contribution to the Jesus Club mission. The following pages will help you to run an organised, safe, high-quality ministry.

Practical Training

All Leaders require Orientation Training so they know how to best serve our Members. Here are step-by-step instructions to run an Orientation Training Workshop for your team of Leaders. It is recommended that you run this Orientation Training Workshop at the beginning of each year.

Orientation Training Workshop Guide

These pages will give you and your Leaders instructions and information for how to serve in their rostered roles.  

Guidelines and Training for Leaders


Everyone is welcome to use our resources. There is plenty of teaching material, ideas for games, suggestions for events and more.  


Safe Ministry

Being involved in Jesus Club means ministering to people who are vulnerable and easily exploited. We recommend that all Jesus Club Leaders complete safe ministry training (such as the Safe Ministry course run by the Anglican diocese. There is also now an online version of the course.). Leaders are also encouraged to follow the Jesus Club Safe Ministry Guidelines (link below).

Jesus Club's Safe Ministry Document

More Documents and Information

Coordinators can access many more documents via our Dropbox folder. Just create a Dropbox account and then email us so we can give you access to the Jesus Club Coordinators folder.

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