Brad and Lucy doing a craft activity at Jesus Club Gladesville.

Vision & Mission

Our aim at Jesus Club

Jesus Club caters for the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, such as Down Syndrome, autism and any other kind of intellectual impairment. 

The main aim of Jesus Club is to make Jesus Christ known to people with disabilities by teaching the good news about Jesus Christ and forming genuine friendships. We hope our Members will trust in Jesus Christ and enjoy friendship with Him forever.

The good news about Jesus Christ

God is the God of all people: He created males and females, the sick and healthy, every race and every type of person. He desires all people to be saved and to know the truth (1Timothy 2:3-4).

God's love for the marginalised members of our society is witnessed through Jesus' tender treatment of children (e.g. Matthew 19:13-15), the poor, the sick (e.g. Luke 5:12-14), the lame (e.g. Mark 2:3-12, Luke 5:18-26, John 5:6-9, John 9) and people of low status in society (e.g. Luke 14:12-24, John 4:7-26). Interestingly, in Jesus’ encounters with these people, he seems less interested in healing them or taking them out of their impoverished situation, but is more intent on inviting them into a friendship with God. For example, in Mark 2:3-12, Jesus encounters a paralysed man and Jesus' first response is to forgive his sins . Only afterwards does Jesus heal the man of his physical disability. Taking this example along with other passages in the Bible, we see that the primary need of all people – with or without disability - is not merely physical restoration but a restored relationship with their creator (which in time, leads to restoration in every way - physically, mentally and relationally).

To have a friendship with God, we must respond to the good news, or "Gospel", of Jesus Christ. The Gospel can be summarised as: God created all people to be friends with him. However, since the time of Adam and Eve, people have ignored God and lived their own way. We call this 'sin'. Even though sin makes our perfect God sad and angry, He loves us and provides us with a way to escape from the punishment our sins deserve. God did this by sending his only son Jesus Christ into the world to die on the cross for our sins and hence, enabling the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus suffered incredibly on the cross, taking upon himself God's anger towards sinful people. Three days later, Jesus was raised to life and because of this, we know that our sins have been dealt with and death has been overthrown. After appearing to his disciples and over 500 eye-witnesses, Jesus rose to heaven where he presently dwells. One day, no one knows exactly when (except God the Father, Matthew 24:36), Jesus will return to earth. He will separate people into two groups: those who trust in Jesus and those who don’t. Those who have heard the good news about Jesus Christ, put their trust in him and have accepted God's offer of forgiveness will be saved and live with God forever.

It is this precious news that we share with the Members of Jesus Club so they can have an everlasting friendship with God.

The future of disability ministry

Our vision is to see a culture change across churches in Australia so teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people with disabilities is just as common as teaching scripture to children or running a youth group. Jesus Club's overseeing committee (called WeBelong Inc) is working hard to assist churches set up Jesus Clubs. Our prayer is that God will raise up even more churches with a similar passion. Our dream is to walk into eternity on the last day alongside Brad, Bruce, Julie, Monica, Lisa and all the Members of the Jesus Club we're yet to meet.

Brad and Lucy at Jesus Club Gladesville.

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