Jesus Club Art Campaign

Jesus Club is an initiative to share the love of Jesus with people with intellectual disabilities. Each fortnight people with disabilities and Christian volunteers meet for friendship, food, fun and a lesson from the bible. In 2006 the first Jesus Club program opened and now in 2018 there are 12 churches running the program and reaching over 130 people with disabilities.

In 2018-2019, we’re hosting an Art Campaign that gathers artworks from our 12 clubs culminating in an exhibition in 2019. This will be a fun way for our Members to showcase their talent to their friends, family and the general public. We’re also using the Art Campaign to gather more people who can support and get involved with Jesus Club. 

Why an Art Campaign?

• Our Members are talented.


• Our Members love expressing themselves through art.

• A chance to show what our Members can do.

• A chance to show what Jesus Club is about.

• A way to bring together Members from various clubs around Sydney.


The theme is New Creation. By making artworks, Members are making new creations. New creation also refers to the Bible verse from 2 Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, behold the new has come!". 


2018-2019: Our 12 clubs will create artworks during the fortnightly Jesus Club program. We want all our Members to get excited and involved. 

Later in 2019: Artworks and stories about the artists will be displayed on a website shared with as many people as possible. A day-long exhibition will be held in a central Sydney location and open to the public. Members will also attend and personally showcase their artworks.

How You Can Help

• Donate art materials. We need paint, canvases, frames and other materials.
• Donate financially here. Jesus Club is a registered charity so your donation is tax deductible.
• If you are artistic, we need plenty of help making the artworks. Contact Issy O'Keeffe at