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Prayer Meetings in 2018

Once a month we meet to pray at Moore Theological College at 1 King St, Newtown. Anyone is welcome to join us. Please come along at 1:30pm-2pm on the following Friday dates. Let our office know you are coming and we can send you prayer points in advance. Email

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Prayer Points

Our aim is to regularly update this page with prayer points from our Clubs. Last updated: 17th December 2017.

Pray for the Mission

• Praise God that 5 churches are setting up Jesus Club programs this year: Northern Beaches, Rooty Hill, Dapto, Lower Mountains and Lalor Park. Ask that all the small steps that it takes for a person with a disability to access the club will happen. 
• Pray for an editor that can review our Bible lessons. Our great vision is that eventually there will be such a comprehensive library of special-education Bible lessons that any Jesus Club Member can follow the same Bible passages preached in the wider church.

Gladesville (2006)

• Praise God that a Member has requested that we have a 50th birthday party for them, and their carer has provided $1000 to make this happen. It’s encouraging that the Member so cherishes the time that they want to celebrate with us.
• Pray that Gladesville continues to be a place where friendships can be made, good times can be enjoyed, and where the amazing love of Jesus is proclaimed.

Turramurra (2013)

• Praise God for the increased understanding and faith in Jesus that many of our Members are demonstrating.
• Praise God for the integration of a few carers who come regularly with our Members.
• Praise God for three of our Members, who were intermittent attenders, have recently moved to West Pymble and now come regularly.
• Praise that one of our Members, J, is now an active Member of our Sunday night service. She is in our band on keyboards, and is in our' love teams', who go around and do gardening for families who are hurting or struggling and she is a wonderful witness for Christ.
• Pray for a few new Leaders for next year, and in particular for some younger Leaders.
• Pray that more of our members will begin to come along to church more regularly, and feel a sense of belonging to the wider community of St James.
• Pray for our upcoming Christmas concert- that the families of our Members, and our church family will come along and support the event.

Naremburn (2013, now closed)

• Praise God for the Leadership team's hard work over the last five years.
• Praise God that Naremburn Members have been able to attend other Jesus Clubs closer to their homes.
• Praise God for the amazing discos that Naremburn hosted over the last five years.

Jannali (2013)

• Praise God for the wonderful picnic day out we enjoyed as a group recently, and pray that our friendships would continue to grow for God's glory.
• Give thanks for a new Member who joined us at our most recent meeting. Please pray that he would continue to come along to hear more about the good news of Jesus, and that we can be a welcoming and loving group.
• Please pray for our annual Christmas Party coming up on 14th December. Ask God that the night would bring glory to Him and that the gospel could reach the family and friends of our Members as well.
• Please pray that our Members would have assurance that they are rescued if they place their trust in Jesus as their rescuer.

Maroubra (2014)

• Praise God for a silent Member that has recently begun answering questions and he’s almost always correct.
• Praise God for consistently attending Members and Leaders willing to help with transport and dinner roster.
• Pray that new Members would continue to hear about our Club.
• Pray that God would provide us with a devoted and gifted Bible teacher and a Leader that can take on the organisation of social activities

Castle Hill (2014)

• Praise God for his provision of more Leaders after we spoke up to front at church requesting more. Now we have a waiting list of people wanting to be involved!
• Praise God for the way two of our new Members, J & K who have settled in after a very shy start.
• Pray for previous Members to return.
• Pray for P who has ongoing health problems and can only occasionally attend.
• Pray for new Members.
• Pray for wisdom and enthusiasm as decisions are made for next year's teaching program.
• Pray that our Leaders will form genuine friendships with our members.

Newtown (2016) 

• Praise God that our social event with our Church's ministry Community Garden went well and that it was a great opportunity for our Members to feel part of our Church community. 
• Praise God for a new Member that came to our movie night.
• Pray that God would provide new Members and continue to help grow our Members faith and knowledge of Jesus.
• Pray that our Christmas play preparation goes well and praise God that our Members and their families are really looking forward to it. 

Northern Beaches (2017)

• Pray for our transition back to our new venue at St Faiths Narrabeen
• Pray for some new Leaders and steady growth of new Members.
• Pray that we will continue to work well as a team.

Rooty Hill (2017)

• Please pray for us on 3rd December as we have a special display at church for Discovery, Jesus to celebrate International Day of People with a Disability. Our goal is to showcase the talents and gifts of our Members and thereby challenge any preconceived ideas people may have about people with special needs.
• We are looking for some new leaders to start in the new year to implement an Events Team so please pray that God might use our showcase in December to move people to join our team.
• As some of our Members have begun attending church please pray for them to be fully embraced as Members of the church family
• Please remember us on 7th December as we hold our first Christmas party.
• Praise God for the number of Members that have really begun to shine as they develop relationships with both Members and Leaders .
• Praise God for the 3 Members joining our Sunday church service and a further Member we have linked into another church and she has been attending church every week
• Praise God for the way our Leaders have readily taken on the training sessions we have given and their desire to learn.

Dapto (2017)

• Praise God that we are off the ground and have had two sessions already and that we have 6 Members, all different ages and walks of life, who are having loads of fun and engaging in the discussions surrounding what is means to be a Christian.
• Praise God for a large and fantastic group of Leaders who are passionate and loving and such a supportive church and group of sponsors.
• Pray for more people to come along to join Rise (the name of the club).
• Pray for us to coordinate how to best run the program for everyone involved to learn, feel included and not feel its too easy for them as the Members are all very different.
• Pray for strength and health for our Leaders as some are sick.
• Pray for our Members to come back excited for term 4.

Lower Mountains (2017)

• Praise God for the opportunity to be a part of this ministry, for having got to the point where the club is "open for business", for so many committed leaders who are enthusiastic, and for our four wonderful members
• Pray that we may have hearts focused on God and his kingdom, that the Leaders may be good communicators, that Members and Leaders remain enthusiastic and committed especially as we go into the break and be keen to continue next year, for our club to grow at a rate that fits our resources - it is early days yet and we don't quite know what to expect.

Budding New Clubs to come in 2017-2018

• Kings Park, thanks for Rhyannah's perseverance in getting this Club off the ground and ready to start in 2018. Pray that many people in this area will want to come along. 

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