This is the Gospel Demonstrated
Parents and carers are seeing the gospel demonstrated in the love and care shown to their loved ones with disabilities.

This is the Gospel Demonstrated

A woman holding a girl's hand as they bow their heads in prayer
Because of Jesus Club, a family who has never set foot inside a church now gladly brings their adult daughter. And every fortnight, not only are they hearing the gospel in words, but in the loving care of Jesus Club leaders, they are also seeing the gospel demonstrated! 

Amanda is a beautiful young lady of 21. She is non-verbal and has an intellectual disability. 

Amanda began coming to Jesus club after her parents heard about the ministry from a family friend who has an adult child attending the club. Initially, she was quiet and reserved. But Amanda began to blossom and open up after a few short weeks. She started to dance and sing in her own way, and began to form genuine friendships with the leaders and members. 

One day as her parents were speaking to a leader, they were amazed to hear that all the leaders at Jesus Club were volunteers. "You all do this as volunteers?" they asked. The parents couldn't understand why people might willingly give up their spare time to spend with their daughter. Because since leaving high school, Amanda has had no friends. Besides her family and paid professionals like occupational therapists or support workers, no one had willingly spent time with her. Not one. 

Yet every fortnight, Jesus Club leaders volunteered to serve in this ministry. They chose to love and care for these members because they understood the grace of God and God's love for all people. So if the parents saw in Jesus Club an incredible opportunity for their daughter to be loved, it was an even greater opportunity for these leaders to show the love of Jesus, and tell the amazing story of redemption brought by Christ's death and resurrection on the cross!

"... in the love and care provided for their daughter, they are seeing the gospel demonstrated"