New Easter Module – Easter in one week
Written based on the parables of Jesus, 'Stories Jesus Told is a 5-part lesson aimed at helping members understand the Kingdom of God and how they are all invited to it!

Module: 'Easter in one week'

Jesus Club Lesson Easter in one week

Easter is always a special time at Jesus Club, and this year is no different, as we remember the most crucial figure in our Christian faith, our King and Saviour, Christ Jesus, and why we are called Jesus Club! 

To help our clubs celebrate this important time we have just released a special Easter lesson - ‘Easter in one week.’ This lesson is designed to cover the death and resurrection of Jesus in one session, so members do not miss any details of this good news of Jesus. Included in this module are teachings on how Jesus’ death brought us new friendship with the father and how His resurrection gave us everlasting hope. 

Besides the traditional Easter egg hunt and Easter craft, members will also enjoy our new sensory activities, which help members understand the learning concept more concretely. Using a whiteboard or scratch art, members can learn about the eternal nature of Christ's saving works - when they wipe markers and designs off the board, it's gone forever - just like our sin!

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