Founder Message: It's Just The Beginning!

Jesus Club Founder Mel Fung with Sarah and Hikaru

By Doctor Mel Fung, Founder of Jesus Club | Feb 4, 2021

Dear friends,

I have dedicated the past 14 years of my life to Jesus Cub, a mission no one thought would blossom the way it has. It started with seven friends with intellectual disabilities whom I knew through my job as a support worker. The first night was magical, as soon as my friends walked through the door, I knew this mission had God's blessing. Now 18 churches are ministering to more than 200 people with intellectual disabilities. It's surreal to write that.

Over my time at Jesus Club, one thing is clear: God loves His little ones with intellectual disabilities, and nothing will snatch them out of His hands. The same members keep coming to the clubs year after year. While the idea is for leaders to minister to members, the truth is that they minister to us. They show us how to come into the kingdom and receive joyfully. They're never in a rush and always grateful.

While I'm grieved to leave Jesus Club, I'm glad we have an organisation that deeply loves this people group and who does whatever it takes to progress the mission. I love that we dream big, knowing that our God has the power to make it happen.

Thank you, our supporters, for walking with us in this mission. Your prayers, giving, and involvement not only power the work but also encourage Jesus Club workers to keep going. Though we have come a long way, in some ways, it feels like it's just the beginning. We long to see a cultural change in churches everywhere, so ministry for people with ID is as common as youth groups or kids' church. My sincere hope is that you continue in the mission with us; to start and grow new Jesus Clubs.

So, I plan to go to SMBC for further studies and then head to Thailand to share the good news with people with intellectual disabilities. I will miss being a part of Jesus Club and am likely to have FOMO. But the mission is in good hands with the inspiring people I've met along the way and of course, our Lord Jesus Christ, for whom this mission was named.

Dr. Mel Fung

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