About Jesus Club

Jesus Club started in 2006 when it was noticed that few churches were reaching out to people with intellectual disabilities and teaching them the Bible. A simple 3 hour fortnightly program was set up with 7 people with disabilities showing up on the first night.

Through word-of-mouth, the club grew and grew. Both Members and Leaders loved attending the club because it was a place where they could be themselves and be loved. Over time, other churches wanted to set up a similar program and elicited the help of Jesus Club. In 2013, new clubs were set up and today there are 13 clubs across NSW with plans for clubs beyond.

OUR AIM is to make Jesus Christ known to people with intellectual disabilities by teaching the good news about Jesus Christ and forming genuine friendships. 

Our belief is that God is the God of all people: He created males and females, the sick and healthy, every race and every type of person. He desires all people to be saved and to know the truth (1 Timothy 2:3-4). It is this precious news that we share with the members of Jesus Club so they can have an everlasting friendship with God.

OUR VISION is to see a culture change across churches so teaching the good news about Jesus Christ to people with disabilities is just as common as teaching scripture to children or running a youth group.

OUR WORK is to help ordinary Christians run a fortnightly program of food, friendship and Bible-teaching. We provide churches with the support, training and resources to achieve this.

Who We Are

Brad and Lucy doing a craft activity at Jesus Club Gladesville.

Our members are adults from all walks of life. Some live alone, some live with parents or friends, some do paid work and some don’t. Our members have intellectual disabilities, such as Down Syndrome, autism, Fragile X Syndrome, Prader Willi Syndrome and any other kind of intellectual impairment. Some of our members are literate, many are not, some love to dance, most love refreshments time.

Our leaders are Christians who volunteer with the fortnightly program. Some love chatting with members, some make yummy sandwiches, some have prior experience in the disability field, but most don't. All leaders have a desire to see our members enjoying a friendship with God. Together leaders and members join in the program's activities and help each other know Jesus Christ.

Our host churches are local churches that care about people with disabilities and run a Jesus Club program. A Jesus Club is sometimes run by a group of local churches rather than just one. Some of the clubs have dozens of members but most clubs have about 5-15.

Our Committee is called WeBelong Inc and oversees the overall Jesus Club mission. Our Committee meets regularly to pray and work out how to support, train and resource churches to do the frontline work of this mission. 

What Happens at a Typical Jesus Club Program

A typical Jesus Club session begins with games and chatting. A lesson from the Bible is taught using a range of visuals and songs. Members then break up into smaller "Buddy Groups" groups to reflect on what they've learnt. The next activity of craft is a favourite for many (particularly painting!). The night concludes with delicious refreshments and a fun activity. While Jesus Club programs may vary slightly across clubs, you can always expect warm fellowship, healthy food and a Bible lesson.

A typical Jesus Club program

Special events are held during the year including discos, birthday parties and outings to the park or movies. Some clubs host a special Christmas dinner each year and invite families of members to join.

Jesus Club is about genuine friendship. These friendships often extend into regular social situations - we might go to dinner together or write cards to each other during the week.


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