Our Values

Our Aim

  • Our central aim is to make Jesus Christ known to people with intellectual disabilities so they can enjoy a friendship with God forever.

  • Our aim is in line with Jesus’ commission in Matthew 28:19-20 to make disciples of the nations.

Our Method

  • We make Christ known through teaching the Bible:

  • Every Jesus Club session includes a Bible lesson.

  • Our lessons teach the good news about Jesus Christ, the central message of the Bible.

  • We make Christ known through genuine love and friendship1.

The Good News about Jesus Christ

  • We believe that the Gospel is the good news that God is inviting all people into an eternal friendship with Him.

  • People have sinned against God and, in this way, have ruined their relationship with Him.2 To overcome this problem, God sent His only Son Jesus Christ into the world to die on the cross for our sins and be raised to life.3 God has promised that if anyone believes in His Son, they will be forgiven for their sins and be friends with God again.4 People who believe are called "Christians"5 and are waiting for Jesus to return to earth. In this waiting period, Christians live according to God’s ways and tell others the good news about Jesus Christ.6

Our View of People

  • We believe that every person is a unique individual, lovingly created in the image of God.

  • We believe that people’s disabilities are an aspect of their lives but do not define their identity.7

Our Attitude Towards Members

  • Our members are loved. Just as Christ loved us, we genuinely love our members.8

  • Our members are valued. We appreciate the diverse gifts, abilities and personalities of our members. Rather than expecting all members to conform themselves to a rigid program, we seek to cater for their special needs.

  • Our members are respected. We recognise that our members are adults and we treat them with respect and dignity.

  • Our members are empowered. In whatever capacity is possible, members are encouraged to use their intellects, skills and abilities while at Jesus Club.

  • Our members are peers. We see all people involved with Jesus Club as peers regardless of their roles as member or leader.

Our View of Church Family

  • We believe that the church is a family made up of people who believe and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Each member of Christ’s body is important and “the parts of the body that seem weaker are indispensable."9

  • We desire our Jesus Club members to become part of this family and join in wider church activities beyond the formal Jesus Club program.

  • We seek to remove barriers that make it difficult for Jesus Club members to participate in church activities.

Our Relationship Between Host Churches and the WeBelong Inc Committee

  • We understand that Jesus Club is a para-church ministry seeking to work alongside local churches as they reach people with intellectual disabilities.

  • We understand that each Jesus Club program is under the authority of the host church and wholly its responsibility.

  • We understand that the role of WeBelong Inc is to train, support and resource churches to do the frontline work of this mission.

Our Work Ethic

  • Our work is prayerful. We believe that our work is only fruitful by God’s power. We pray regularly to praise God for His work and ask Him to work through us.10

  • Our work is honest. We conduct all our operations with honesty and integrity.11

  • Our work is of a high quality. We value excellence and strive to serve our members as if we were serving Christ Jesus himself.12

  • Our work is evolving. We approach this mission with an openness to learn and patience for others’ learning.


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