For Clubs - Information About the Art Show


Dear Jesus Club Coordinators and Leaders.

This year, we are going to host an Art Show!

The Art Show will gather artworks from each club culminating in an exhibition later in the year. This will be a fun way for members to showcase their talent and be part of the wider Jesus Club mission. And of course, we want you all to be involved.

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Why an Art Show?
What it Means for Clubs

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About A quick summary for the general public. Feel free to show friends, family and your church.         
Art Ideas On this page we've compiled some great ideas for your artworks.


Why an Art Show?

• Our members are talented.


• Our members love expressing themselves through art.

• It's a great chance to show what our members can do.

• It's also a great chance to show what Jesus Club is about.

• It is a way to bring together members and leaders from various clubs around Sydney.

• It is also a way of gathering more supporters for this mission.

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The theme for the Art Show is New Life/New Creation. This theme is broad and allows clubs and members to explore the themes in lots of different ways.

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Terms 1-2 2019: Clubs are invited to create artworks around the theme of New Life/New Creation. Most clubs will be using Term 2 2019 to make their creations. We really want each club to get excited and involved. 

Later in 2019: The artworks will be gathered from each of the clubs and sorted in order to build an art exhibition. 

Next, a day-long exhibition will be held in Sydney. It'll be a great chance for members' families, friends and the general public to see what our members can do.

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What it means for Clubs

Arrange for your members to create their own artworks:

 - Help your members to create artworks based around the theme of New Creation.

- There are no restrictions - you can make artworks as a group or individually, you can make sculptures, collages, paintings or drawings.

- Since the artworks are going to be exhibited to the public, we encourage clubs to use good quality materials. For example, use acrylic rather than poster paint and high quality paper rather than butcher's paper.

- We have bought enough canvases for members at all the clubs so if you would like to access these, please get in touch with us.

- You can think broadly about the theme "New Creation"! For example, it could mean caterpillars turning into butterflies, it could mean the resurrected Jesus or what members love about creation. New Creation also makes us think about the way the New Creation is spoken about in the Book of Revelation! What will heaven be like? There are so many possibilities.

- We've gathered art ideas to inspire you. Visit the Art Ideas page.

Need a hand with ideas?

- We've gathered some people to be Art Contacts and to visit the clubs in terms 1 and 2 of 2019. One of our Art Contacts can visit your club and explain to your leaders what the Art Show is all about.

- Your Contact wants to help your club create great artworks. Discuss with them your ideas, questions or concerns.

- The Art Contact will also return to your club at a later date to interview members and take photos of them making artworks.

- We've written a special series of 5 lessons to coincide with the art show. These are currently undergoing editing and will be back up online as soon as possible. The artworks can then be connected directly to the content of the lessons. This way, members are not only creating artworks, but they are also learning about this important topic and what God says about Christians as New Creations!

- It's important that members understand that their artworks will be used for the purpose of the Art Show. We recommend that all clubs give this letter to members and gain their written permission. Letter to carers (Word), Letter to members (Word).


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