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Jesus Club Ministry exists to help any church grounded in the gospel to establish and run their own disability ministry. We are passionate about sharing the good news with adults with intellectual disabilities and we have created a library of over 100+ biblical lesson plans for the use of Jesus Clubs, covering topics such as What is a Christian?, God’s Family, Lord’s Prayer and Creation. 

Want a preview of our latest lesson module?

“Do Not Worry" is one of our latest biblical modules for adults with intellectual disabilities. In this module, we focus on the human tendency to worry about getting our daily needs met. Do I have enough money? Do I have family and friends? Will I stay healthy?

As humans, we need things every day but our biggest need is to have a friendship with God, the creator who made us. All of our other needs are small in comparison. We don’t have to worry about them. Instead, we can trust our Heavenly Father will provide all our needs.

What will this module cover:

  • It is inevitable to worry about our daily needs as human beings.
  • But God made the world and He cares about it.
  • We do not have to worry because our Heavenly Father loves us and provides all our needs.
  • Instead we should become friends with God and make doing what He wants our priority.

What is included:

There are five lesson plans within this module. Each lesson contains a lesson plan, worksheets in easy and intermediate levels, craft & games suggestions and other resources to take your meeting from start to finish. All lessons can be easily adapted for in-person or online use, with clickable links for videos and other resources referenced in the lesson plan.

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