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The gospel is for everyone

Sadly, with few suitable faith communities, particularly in regional areas, discovering God's love can be beyond the reach of many adults with intellectual disabilities, who remain one of the most unreached people groups for the gospel today.

But Jesus Club is changing that, by helping churches establish ministries dedicated to sharing the gospel to adults with intellectual disabilities in a way they understand.

Twenty-two churches in New South Wales, Victoria and soon Tasmania are already part of our network of Jesus Clubs that help members embrace the message of Christ. And we can start 12 more in the following year, many in regional areas.

But we can't do it without your support.
Your financial gift will help us start new Jesus Clubs and provide churches with Biblical-teaching resources and training to help adults with disabilities discover God’s love - sowing the seeds for a friendship with Him forever!

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You will make an everlasting difference to the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

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A leader in blue shirt assisting several members hovering over a long table completing their Buddysheet activity.
To provide a Jesus Club member with one term of gospel teaching.
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To equip Jesus Clubs with one new Biblical-teaching module.
A Jesus Club leader is explaining a Bible topic to a member in a blue shirt and headband.
To pay for 1/10 of the cost of starting a Jesus Club in a new regional area.
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