Frequently Asked Questions For Mentors

Your Role

What is the Mentor System?
Each club in the Jesus Club network is matched up with a Mentor, someone experienced in the Jesus Club mission. The aim of of the Mentor System is to provide personal support to clubs, particularly Coordinators. Coordinators may have questions or issues about their club, they may want to debrief about something or they may just like knowing there's another experienced person alongside them.

In a practical sense, what is expected of me as a Mentor?
The commitment for you as Mentor:
▢ Meet with the Coordinator at least once per year either in person or phone.
▢ Attend a Jesus Club session in person at least once per year.
▢ Receive a quarterly phonecall from the Jesus Club office to pray and debrief about your club.

Apart from this commitment, it is up to the Mentor how much additional support they want to give.

Relationship with the Coordinator

My Coordinator has lots of questions. How do I answer them?
Here are answers to frequently asked questions by Coordinators. You can also ring the office on 0402 545 565 or email

Frequently Asked Questions