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We want to help churches everywhere to start up disability ministries by providing support, training and resources. Starting up a club is not difficult, in fact it's a lot of fun! Contact us at to discuss. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Starting A Jesus Club

What does a Jesus Club ministry look like?
The Jesus Club program can be tailored to suit your church. Below is a typical Jesus Club program. It runs for 2-2.5 hours fortnightly.

What does a church need to do to set up a club?
In a nutshell, your church needs to gather a team of Christians to do the actual running of the program. Our organisation will provide your church with all the support, training and resources needed.

Examples of support: Be part of our community. Join our Coordinators WhatsApp group and attend our annual Coordinators Conference. Each club is matched with a Mentor, someone experienced in this mission. 

Examples of training: We offer to run an initial Orientation Training Workshop and annual workshops on various topics. Our website contains loads of tips and guidelines.

Examples of resources: We have a growing library of over 100 special-education Bible lessons including upfront teaching instructions, Bible study group sheets (Buddy Groups) and craft instructions.

Do the Coordinator and Leaders need to have prior experience with people with disabilities?
Experience is not necessary. In fact, most Coordinators do not have prior personal or professional experience with people with disabilities. Coordinators and Leaders are Christians who have a heart for this section of the population and are eager to learn.

How much does it cost to run the Jesus Club program?
The actual Jesus Club program is inexpensive to run. The Coordinator is a lay member of the congregation, resources are freely available on the Jesus Club website and the $5 fee that Members pay each session covers refreshments and craft materials. Most Jesus Clubs find that they have a surplus of money at the end of the year.

What about a payment to our organisation?
There is no mandatory levy to WeBelong Inc (our overseeing committee). However, we would like churches to consider making some ongoing financial contribution to Jesus Club so that we can extend our mission and set up Jesus Clubs at other churches. A guide for financial contributions is $500 per year.

I want to set up a club. How can I share this idea with my minister and church?
If you're interested in starting up a club, watch this video and feel free to play it at your church.

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