Maria and Kylie at Newtown Jesus Club

An Important Partnership for Disability Ministry

This Jesus Club in Sydney's Inner West holds a significance that defies its size.

  Posted 3/106/2020

Most Rewarding Ministry

Julie from Castle Hill Jesus Club, shares why the role she initially accepted with apprehension became the one she now finds most rewarding.

  Posted 9/12/2019

Why Jesus Club means so much to Jill

When things took a dramatic turn at home, there was one constant our member, Jill, could rely on.

  Posted 28/10/2019

Meet Issy, our Art Show coordinator

Issy shares with us what she learnt about herself, God and our members through her experience of putting together the New Life Art Show.

  Posted 04/10/2019

Meet our newest Jesus Club!

Michael Leader from Beverly Hills talk plans and hopes for our newest Jesus Club.

  Posted 10/09/2019

Finding New Life In Christ

Taylor from Castle Hill Jesus Club on his artwork for the New Life Art Show and thoughts on witnessing for God.

  Posted 10/09/2019

Not Only For the Unchurched

Helping young adults with intellectual disabilities to stay on at church.

  Posted 26/06/2019

A Place to Belong for People with Intellectual Disabilities

In Jesus Club, Susan, a person with down syndrome, found a church community just for her.

  Posted 26/06/2019

This is the Gospel Demonstrated

In the love and care shown to their loved one with disability, Amanda's parents are seeing the gospel demonstrated each fortnight at Jesus Club.

  Posted 30/05/2019

Day In the Life of a Volunteer

Ever wondered what volunteering for Jesus Club looks like? Louise Gosbell tells her story and shares with us a typical night at Jesus Club Rooty Hill.

  Posted 23/05/2019

A Life Loving People Living With Disabilities

Growing up living alongside and serving people with disabilities have led Rhyannah, our coordinator from Kings Park's Jesus Club, to a life long commitment to caring for people with special needs.

  Posted 20/05/2019

When Only God is Enough

Phoebe always felt the help she was giving to her clients - adults with disabilities was only a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem - not knowing God.

  Posted 20/04/2019

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