30 MAY 2019

"Jesus Club Means Alot To Her"

With Lower Mountains Jesus Club | By Melisa Ng

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Dallas, a leader at Jesus Club, used to live about 10 houses from our member, Jill, and would often see her and her mum walk their dog in the neighbourhood. Two years ago, when Jesus Club started at the Lower Mountains Anglican Church, Dallas invited Jill to go along. To her delight, Jill accepted and has been going ever since.

A quiet lady in her 60s and one of the older members at their Jesus Club, Jill likes to sit with the leaders at club meetings. Even though she doesn’t join in too many games, she enjoys singing, doing worksheets and crafts and listening to the Bible talk.

Up until early this year, she lived a very sheltered life. Being part of a loving and supportive family, Jill would spend the day at workshops, then go home to mum in the evening. But recently, Jill’s life took a traumatic turn when her mum fell and broke her tail bone. She was admitted into a hospital and became too frail to look after herself and Jill. The family found a nursing home for her nearby and a group home for Jill, about 15 minutes away. 

Thankfully, amongst all the upheaval, Jill was able to lean on Jesus Club and their leaders for comfort:

"When they packed up their house and reorganised their lives, Jill had many china dolls, but she could only choose some special ones to keep. Amongst all these changes, [Jesus Club] became the constant in her life.

"One leader in particular - Alison - made a special effort, as her mother is the same age as Jill's mother. She has taken them home for lunch to meet her mum, and Jill is so very happy when she sees Alison.”

Last year, one of their leaders took Jill to Koorong bookshop to get a bible for herself, and Jill promptly picked up the same bible that they use at Jesus Club Lower Mountains. She now brings it to every meeting and likes to open it and refer to it. The leaders know that Jesus Club has become very dear to Jill and clearly, a place where she feels she belongs. They have been especially encouraged lately when Jill expressed her desire to go to a church. With the help of Jesus Club leaders, she will be getting to one soon.

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