20 APRIL 2019

When Only God is Enough

Katoomba Easter Convention 2019 | Interview with Phoebe Hathway

Phoebe Hathway is our coordinator at Croydon’s Jesus Club. She is also a disability support worker.

Phoebe came to the journey of starting a Jesus Club when she began to feel frustrated that the help she was giving to her clients - adults with intellectual disabilities, was only a bandaid solution to a much bigger problem. While her clients have many complex needs and face a lot of struggles in life, particularly isolation and loneliness, Phoebe knew those issues were only superficial in comparison to their real need, which was to know Jesus Christ and to trust Him as their Lord and Saviour.

"the help she was giving to her clients - adults with intellectual disabilities,
was only a bandaid solution to a much bigger problem."

Her frustration moved her to start thinking about starting a disability ministry at her own church, and after a few meetings and 6 months later, her church started their own Jesus Club. However, her journey was not without challenges. After the initial conversations, Phoebe held an information night and presented the ministry idea to recruit leaders. 4 leaders signed up on the night but 2 more were still needed. But for 3 months and many attempts at persuasion by Phoebe, no leaders came forth and one leader pulled out from the ministry.

Then out of the blue, Phoebe received an email from a couple who came to the information night many months ago. In the email, they said, ‘We are In! We have Safe Ministry training and we have Working with Children Check. We are ready!’ Just as things were getting desperate and she was feeling like she was elbowing people into helping the ministry, God came through triumphantly and provided the exact help they needed at the time.

When other people would feel disheartened at starting a ministry with only one member, Phoebe was only encouraged. She recalled how she went to a Jesus Club coordinators’ conference the year before and heard about the Newtown club which also started with only one member, but has grown over time. God would provide, she knew. Phoebe is now anticipating another member to join her club next term. ‘A 200% growth!’ she said with a big smile on her face. ’She is going to feel very well loved!’

Pray that God will continue to grow Croydon Jesus Club and the leaders and members may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.

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