As a Leader

You don’t need formal qualifications or experience in the disability field to be a Leader, just a heart for people to know Jesus Christ. Being a Leader is lots of fun – a chance to meet new people, play games, go to discos and be a meaningful person in the lives of our Members.

If you are interested in being a Leader, contact the Coordinator of the specific club you'd like to help. Since Jesus Club has a mission to reach people with God’s word, it’s important that all our Leaders are committed Christians and members of a Bible-teaching church. We also recommend that all Leaders do safe ministry training.

As a Bible Study Group

Jesus Club benefits greatly from having Bible study groups visit on a once-off or regular basis. We love having a new group of people to assist with all the activities at Jesus Club, such as preparing refreshments, playing games and maybe even teaching a lesson. Even more, our Members always love to meet a fresh group of faces .

If weeknights are not suitable to help out, we also need Bible study groups to help us host discos and outings on the weekends. If your Bible study group is interested in visiting us, contact the Coordinator of the specific club.

As a Once-Off Entertainer or Teacher

Our Members love to try new things. Whether it’s dancing, singing, drama, craft or being entertained by a musician, magician or someone with a good story to tell, our Members are always an enthusiastic, appreciative audience.

We welcome anyone who is willing to try out an activity with our Members. Activities usually run for 20-40min. No professional qualifications needed, just a willingness to give it a go. We’ll also give you some suggestions about what level to pitch your activity.

Some ideas:
•Lead a music therapy class
• Lead a dance or drama class
• Show and tell your pets or musical instruments or model aeroplane collection
• Play some songs 
• Play a game, such as pass the parcel or bingo
• Teach us a craft activity
• Show us how to cook

As a Church

Our vision has always been to help churches all over Sydney (and beyond!) to set up similar ministries so that more people with disabilities can come to know Jesus Christ. Setting up a club is easy and a lot of fun. If your church is interested in running a club or would just like to discuss ideas, we'd love to hear from you.

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