Guidelines for Rostered Roles


Guidelines for Greeting

What to Do

  1. Arrive 15min early. Be there for early-arriving Members.

  2. Greet arriving Members.

  3. Distribute name tags.

  4. Collect money. Most clubs ask Members to pay a small fee to cover refreshments and materials. Usually $5.

  5. Hand out any notes like newsletters.

  6. Reimburse Leaders for items they've bought.

  7. Record expenditures (e.g. things the Leaders have bought) and income (e.g. money collected from Members).

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Guidelines for Hosting

What to Do

  1. Keep activities on schedule and promote a fun, friendly atmosphere.

  2. Announce to the group when to move from one activity to the next. Activities include Prayer, Games, Singing, Lesson and Refreshments.

  3. Be the main person to encourage the following of any rules (e.g. asking people to be quiet where necessary, reminding people of the rules).

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Guidelines for Games

What to Do

Organise a fun game to be played as Members arrive. Invent your own game or visit our Games and Games Ideas page for inspiration.

Games & Games Ideas

Tips for Leading Games

  • The aim is participation
    While most games aim to find a single winner, the aim of games at Jesus Club is to make Members feel encouraged and included. We usually don't keep score of who is winning, rather, Members are affirmed when they simply participate.

  • Consider making games noncompetitive
    Some Members find competitive games upsetting. Consider adapting games where people are eliminated. For example, adapt the game of musical chairs so that, rather than removing chairs and having people eliminated, people who sit down quickly are applauded.

  • Consider safety
    Amidst all the fun, accidents can sometimes occur. Consider making it a rule to walk quickly, but not run in games like Duck Duck Goose. Use soft balls rather than hard cricket balls or basketballs.

  • Give plenty of cheers and applause
    Games are a great opportunity to make Members feel included and loved.

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Guidelines for Music

What to Do

  1. Lead a segment of singing, usually 4-5 songs. Choose songs and set up music equipment.

  2. Introduce each song and help Members understand the meaning of the song by asking them questions like, "Who is the king of the world?".

Other Ideas

  • Make up hand-actions or dance moves to match the lyrics. Even better, use sign language. This will help nonverbal Members to participate.

  • Hand out percussion instruments.

  • Hold up signs with relevant pictures, keywords or lyrics.

  • Add some visuals by playing YouTube clips of the songs.

Visit our Music Ideas page for popular songs.

Music Ideas

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Guidelines for Refreshments

What to Do

Prepare enough food for Members and Leaders.

  1. Buy ingredients including food and drinks. Be mindful of any food allergies or special dietary requirements.

  2. Prepare refreshments.

  3. Clean up afterwards.

Food and Drink Suggestions

We encourage Members to mainly eat healthy foods, with occasional treats. Here are some popular food suggestions:

Popular Foods • Sandwiches cut into quarters. Members generally prefer savoury fillings such as chicken, salad, egg, ham and cheese rather than sandwiches with spreads such as vegemite or peanut butter.
• A fruit platter
• Celery, cucumber and carrot sticks with hummus
• Rice crackers and dip
• Cheese and crackers
Cold Weather Ideas • Finger food like mini meat-pies, sausage rolls and quiches with tomato sauce
• Hot soup and bread rolls
• Grilled cheese on toast
Hot Weather Ideas • Frozen yoghurt ice-blocks
• Sorbet
Drinks • Water
• Juice
• Tea or coffee

Delicious and healthy refreshments at our first session at Jesus Club Naremburn.

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