Visiting Groups Hosting a Disco

Thank you for hosting a Jesus Club Disco! This is a huge help to our mission and a highlight for our Jesus Club Members. To prepare for the disco, follow the steps on this page and ask any questions to the club's Coordinator.

Step 1. Introduction to Jesus Club

Watch this 90 second "Welcome to Jesus Club" video clip to give you a taste of Jesus Club's vision and mission. 

Step 2. Specific Instructions for Your Group

A) Make sure the Coordinator gives you Instructions for Hosting a Disco for your specific disco. Example of Instructions for Visiting Groups - Hosting a Disco

B) Go through the instructions as a group and delegate the various roles.

C) Occasionally, your Jesus Club contact person will give you a brief rundown of any Members who have challenging behaviours and how you can respond if those behaviours arise on the night.

Step 3. Tips on How to Relate to Our Members

Watch this 5min video that will give you tips on how to relate to the our Members. The video was made for Leaders at the regular fortnightly program but the basic principles apply for discos.

Step 4. Prayer

Spend some time praying that new guests will attend the disco, get a taste of God's goodness and join the regular fortnightly program.  

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