Jesus Club Big-Day-In with Quiz Worx
Jesus Club is partnering with Quiz Worx for our Big-Day-In, a day of fun and excitement as we explore why God is Great! Hear the incredible news of how God — the maker of everything in this world — loves us so much that He sent His only son, Jesus, to rescue us!
The faithful way to a disability-inclusive church
Jesus Club Lower Mountains celebrates five years of making the gospel accessible to people of all abilities through their Jesus Club Bible study program.
Workers Together For God
Continuing the legacy of Crossroads, Jesus Club shares God's good news to people with intellectual disabilities at Tamworth.
‘Jesus Club’ in Tamworth
Almost one in 50 Australians are estimated to have some form of intellectual disability... now a new movement is providing a type of church for these people, bringing fellowship, worship, teaching and fun in an authentic way.
Online training helping a Jesus Club serve the community of Albury, NSW
Jesus Club Albury managed to go from planning to starting a club within two years, and while a pandemic was raging in Australia, thanks partly to Jesus Club's new Online Training!
Volunteering: Creating Inclusive Ministries for People with intellectual disabilities
Celebrating Jesus Club volunteers, who are on the forefront of creating inclusive church communities for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) with the message of Jesus Christ.
New Easter Module – Easter in one week
Written based on the parables of Jesus, 'Stories Jesus Told is a 5-part lesson aimed at helping members understand the Kingdom of God and how they are all invited to it!
Meet our new Beverly Hills Jesus Club
Michael Leader from Jesus Club Beverley Hills talk plans and hope for our newest Jesus Club.
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